Why Choose Whitegoods Seconds for Your Home?

When you’re shopping for a new appliance, be sure to consider factory seconds. These whitegoods sell at clearance prices because they exhibit small dents, scratches or other minor cosmetic flaws. In some case there are no flaws, the item has simply been unboxed or on display.  You can gain several benefits when you choose to order seconds online and have them delivered to your home.

Best Value

These whitegoods cost substantially less than standard products, yet they’re still new. They offer modern technology as well as the latest features and designs. Imperfections normally don’t affect an appliance’s function or reliability, and some may be hidden from view after you install the equipment.


Online shopping and home delivery allow you to save a considerable amount of time. You won’t have to sit in traffic, wander vast stores or wait for an employee to assist you. Likewise, you can conveniently complete the shopping process at your leisure.  If you see a product you like just make a product enquiry and we’ll respond quickly.

Home delivery maximises safety and prevents damage. Skilled professionals will transport whitegoods to your home and place them in the desired locations. You don’t need to have moving equipment or a large vehicle to order seconds from a warehouse.


Many of these appliances still come with manufacturer or retailer warranties. They’re also covered by Australian Consumer Law, so you can purchase whitegood factory seconds with confidence. These guarantees exclude known flaws but still cover hidden electrical or mechanical defects.

Helpful Advice

Our employees don’t merely process orders. We employ knowledgeable staff members who can help you select the ideal appliance. For example, we’ll suggest models that suit your budget and have the desired features or level of quality.

Do you need equipment that fits in a tight space in your kitchen or laundry room? Feel free to give our staff the measurements. We’ll find out if an appliance would fit and whether or not the front panel will line up with cabinets and other whitegoods.

When you want a factory second of a specific appliance, you can send us the brand and model number. Our staff will let you know if it’s available. We’ll always do what we can to help you find an affordable product that truly meets your needs.

To sum it up, our convenient service makes it fast, easy and inexpensive to acquire whitegoods for your home. We offer the best value in modern, dependable appliances. To get started today, please browse our website or contact our friendly staff.