Five fridge organisation hacks

When you need to cook, there’s nothing like a clean, well-organised fridge to motivate you. Check out these simple hacks and tips that could help you get there.

1. Save time and make carrots last forever

If you store carrots in water in the fridge, they will stay hard and edible for weeks. This trick also applies to other hardy vegetables or roots like celery and potatoes after they are cut. You can cut up your soup or oven-bake veggies ahead of time and grab some when you need. Use a deep pan or a plastic container, and change the water out every three days or so.

2. Organise your shelves by food type

The ideal temperature for a fridge is 3 to 5°C. But there is a bit of temperature variation within a fridge, with the bottom being the coldest. You can use this information to help you organise, keeping certain categories of food together to find them easily and also prevent cross-contamination.

We recommend food that doesn’t need cooking, like deli meats or leftovers, for the upper shelf. The middle shelf could be dairy foods like milk, cheese, butter, and desserts. The bottom shelf could be wrapped raw meat (if you eat it), then fruit and veggies in the drawers. The doors are the warmest part of the fridge and have less space, so they are great for sauces and foods with natural preservatives like jams. Continue reading “Five fridge organisation hacks”

Choosing the Right Refrigerator for Your Space

A refrigerator is one of those necessary household appliance investments that you need to get right. Whether you are purchasing one for the first time or upgrading from an existing but old unit, there are plenty of fridges for sale in Brisbane. If you want to score a deal that best suits your specific requirements, you should know the different options available in the market.

New Fridges

Admit it, you want to furnish your space with every brand-new appliance you can get your hands on – complete with the latest technologies and features. Buying a big-ticket item such as a refrigerator is a major decision that can seriously impact your finances. New fridges come with a hefty price tag, depending on their brand, type, size, and features. The cost can run up to several thousands of dollars, particularly if you pick a smart model. However, a new fridge can last several years. Plus, you are guaranteed a full warranty.

Used Fridges

The used-appliance market is popular among average consumers who find brand-new refrigerators out of reach or those who prioritise savings over splurges, or maybe your solution just needs to be short-term. The biggest upside to buying a second-hand fridge is the price factor. This is because you can acquire a top-name brand at a vastly reduced price. In some instances, you may chance upon features that you couldn’t afford if they were new. While a pre-owned fridge saves you a significant amount of dollars, which is essential in these tight times, it may or may not be backed by a warranty. Besides, a used fridge generally has a shorter life expectancy compared to its brand-new counterparts.

Factory Second Fridges

Opting for a factory second refrigerator can be a smart move if you’re looking for a new model at a fraction of its retail price. Factory second fridges are sold at discounted prices simply because they have minor flaws. Some may have dents, scratches, and blemishes, while others have torn or damaged packaging. Although factory second refrigerators are flawed, they are still considered brand new because they are not pre-owned. They are in perfect working condition, too. Most refrigerators sold at a factory seconds store are top-of-the-line brands and come with a warranty depending on the grade. They are costlier than used fridges but cheaper than new ones.

Shop for Fridges for Sale in Brisbane

Whether you should splurge or save on a refrigerator greatly depends on your needs. If budget is a concern but you still want a new model, we have a range of factory seconds that offers good value for your money and backed with a manufacturers warranty. Visit our shop or call us today.

Find a Refrigerator to Suit Your Needs

When shopping for a new fridge for sale in Brisbane, it’s best to have the details so you can make an informed decision. With plenty of options for various types of refrigerators, let’s take a look at some of the differences between the main types of fridges.

Top Mount Fridges

Top mount fridges are the ones you may be the most familiar with. They are sometimes referred to as a traditional refrigerator. This type has the freezer compartment at the top and the refrigerator section at the bottom. Top mount fridges for sale may range in size but are typically 76 – 84 cm. These refrigerators are popular enough to offer a range of styles and designs. Since they are more popular, you can get one for a reasonable price.

Bottom Mount Fridges

A bottom mount fridge is becoming more popular as of late due to its ease of accessing the refrigerated items. The freezer is located at the bottom of the refrigerator, while the fresh food section is at the top half. If you tend to use the fresh food section much more than the freezer compartment, then you won’t have to bend down as frequently, which could spare your back. The bottom mount fridges do cost a bit more than the top mount styles. So, you will have to decide if the convenience is worth it for you.

French Door Fridges

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Get more bang for your buck with factory second white goods

Perhaps your washing machine suddenly conked out one day, or the pandemic lockdown has prompted you to finally take a hard look at your barely working appliances. Should you have them repaired or replaced? As they say, if the cost of repair is more than half the cost of a new one, then you’re better off replacing them.

White goods can be easily found in Brisbane, but shopping for a new fridge or an oven can be stressful and time-consuming. This is no more true than when you really need to make a major appliance purchase but are faced with a tight budget.

One smart solution is to buy top-of-the-range factory seconds. Factory seconds appeal not only to families on a budget but also to individuals looking to score great deals without breaking their bank.  When you find the exact model you want for a much lower price you are definitely winning!

What are factory seconds?

Factory seconds are products that contain small manufacturing flaws. The imperfections can be a blemish, a scratch or a dent, which is often missed by unkeen eyes.

Factory seconds are also old stocks or models of appliances, returned items or products whose packaging is damaged or torn so they can’t be sold at their original price.

Pros of buying factory seconds

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Simpson Front Load and Top Load Washing Machines

A washing machine is a huge time-saver and takes the fuss out of doing laundry. You simply load your clothes in the machine, set the cycle and go on to do other things. This saves you the physical effort of hand washing.

Not all washing machines are created equal, though. Some are more efficient and easier to use. The Simpson washing machines stand out among other brands because they are of high quality and are less expensive. There are two types of Simpson washing machines: top load and front load.

Simpson Top Load Washing Machines

These are arguably the most commonly seen washing machines in Australian holiday apartments and hotels today. There are seven models of Simpson top loader washing machines, with capacities ranging from 6.0 kg to 12.0 kg. They offer very useful wash option programs:

1. Fast wash program

One of the options is the fast wash program. It enables you to do a super-quick wash in 20 minutes if you are in a hurry. The regular daily loads take 45 minutes. Continue reading “Simpson Front Load and Top Load Washing Machines”

Factory Second Fridges – Upgrade Without the Massive Price Tag

Today, more than ever, it pays to be smart with purchasing everyday products, including big-ticket items or appliances. These cost a lot, so if you need a new household appliance, it’s a practical step to check if there are any great deals available.

While shopping for a new fridge, for example, consider factory second fridges, too. With a factory second fridge, you can purchase a much larger, more energy-efficient refrigerator with all the bells and whistles, but without the massive price tag.

The basics of factory seconds

Appliances labelled as factory seconds are sold at super low prices. But even when some people find them tempting enough to buy, others also doubt their quality. However, you should give factory seconds due consideration and credit because they’re not defective or inferior.

In fact, a factory second fridge (or any other appliance so classified) will be in perfect working order – just like a unit being sold as brand new. However, it is not being sold at a lower price, and this can be because of any of these reasons: Continue reading “Factory Second Fridges – Upgrade Without the Massive Price Tag”

Laundry Renovation Time? Simpson Makes It Easy

Your laundry is due for a renovation and you’re more than ready for the change. It’s time to revamp your storage options, install new flooring, maybe slap some new paint on the walls – but wait, aren’t you forgetting something? What about the laundry machines?

No laundry renovation is complete without a brand new (or new-ish) washer and dryer, right? And even if you don’t have time for a full-on reno, you might be surprised how much you can achieve just with some new whitegoods.

Picking the Best Whitegoods: 3 Things to Consider

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As Brisbane Enters the Rainy Season, How Are You Going to Dry Those Clothes?

Well we all know this is about whitegoods.  They need to be up to speed in your household if you want to make life easy.  Factory seconds provide low cost answers to these questions. Particularly if your family is always active and on the move, they may go through a change of clothes every day. For example if one adult is working on a construction site and coming home covered in dirt, while the children play sports and come home covered in mud. Now let’s add toddlers into the mix! Toddlers being toddlers, they soil their clothes without any warning.  So all in all you’ll certainly spend a lot of time in the family laundry room. However, you still need to dry those clothes after they come out of the machine, and this is not so easy when space is often limited and the weather isn’t always accommodating during the summer rain months. As Brisbane enters its rainy season, dry days may be few and far between and in this case, you need a better alternative.

Seeking household efficiency

While a combination of sun and wind may be good at evaporating and dispersing water when you hang your clothes out to dry, it may be in short supply at this time of year. You need to turn to a far more efficient solution and get a dedicated tumble dryer instead from a company that specialises in Brisbane household appliances. Certainly, a modern washing machine can get rid of a lot of the water through a high-speed centrifuge, but those clothes will still be wet when you pull them out of the tub. Continue reading “As Brisbane Enters the Rainy Season, How Are You Going to Dry Those Clothes?”

Simpson Washing Machines – Keeping Wash Clean for More Than a Century

Quality, durability, and reliability are three words that come to mind when talking about Simpson washing machines. For more than 150 years, Australians have relied on Simpson to keep their clothes fresh and clean. It is hardly a surprise considering the brand specialises in washing and drying, offering a top-notch line of both front and top-loading washing machines.

Front Load Washing Machines

Simpson offers two front load washing machines from its EZI Set line, an 8 kg model and a 7 kg version. Both are designed to take the fuss out of doing the wash so you can attend to the more important things in life. Everyone needs fresh, clean clothes, an easy task to accomplish with either of these machines.

Both come with a 1200 rpm spin speed and durable inverter motor. Key features include:

  • Daily 60 program designed to thoroughly wash larger loads – up to 4 kg – in an hour
  • Quick wash option with auto water level sensing technology
  • Pause and add button to toss in those last-minute or missed items

One of the coolest features is the delay end option that allows you to select when the wash finishes. This helps prevent wrinkles and cuts down on the amount of ironing your freshly-laundered clothes require. Continue reading “Simpson Washing Machines – Keeping Wash Clean for More Than a Century”

Whitegoods: What are the different fridge styles?

Your refrigerator is a major purchase, and you want to make sure you’re buying the right product for your home. But with so many different options on the market, how can you be sure that you’re choosing a fridge that truly meets your needs?

We’ve put together this guide to the different fridge styles available, to help you make an informed decision.

Different styles of refrigerator

1. Top mount

A top mount fridge is the most common type of refrigerator. In this traditional design, the fridge is divided into two compartments, each behind a separate door. The top is the freezer, and this is usually the smaller of the two compartments. The bottom compartment is a cooler for fresh food and takes up more space.

2. Bottom mount

A bottom mount fridge reverses the top mount design. In this model, the fresh food compartment is located at the top, with the freezer on the bottom. The freezer in a bottom mount fridge tends to be larger than the freezer in a top mount design, providing you with more space for frozen food. Continue reading “Whitegoods: What are the different fridge styles?”