Top Loading Versus Front Loading Washing Machines

As front loading washing machines surge into the marketplace, many ask an essential question: which style of machine will work best for my home?

Experts say that both front loaders and top loaders offer different advantages, depending on what the customer needs and wants in a product. Although they usually represent a huge investment for an average family, smart shoppers know they can save money with either, when purchased as a factory second.

Here are a few of the advantages for each style of washer.

Advantages of Top Loading Machines

First, these machines have the advantage of familiarity. Most know how to use this traditional design, which has served as the standard for decades. Also, they usually come at a lower price and cost less to repair. Those with bad backs and knees will find them more convenient to load and unload because they do not require any bending or crouching to access them.

Additionally, front loaders tend to allow clothes to mildew much more quickly when wet clothes remain in them for too long. Top loaders allow water vapour to escape much more efficiently, preventing mould and mildew buildup.

Front loaders have a much less durable design and break more easily when ill-used. While no one recommends overloading a top loading unit, a front loader’s bearings cannot handle the same level of stress.

Finally, one can easily add additional clothes to the cycle once started without fear of spilling soapy water all over.

Advantages of Front Loaders

What front loaders lack in user-friendliness, they make up for in other ways.

Front loaders by design function more efficiently and effectively. Industry studies show that they require less water and energy to run a cycle. In the long term, this will save the user money over a top loader. Additionally, their design helps to get clothes much cleaner than the alternatives.

They also have some convenience features that a top loader lacks. Since they force more moisture from clothes during the spin cycle, you do not need as much dryer time to finish your laundry.  Also, those with limited space can stack their dryer on top of their washer, given proper support shelving. Or, use the space to store your laundry baskets and detergents.

In the competition between top and front loaders, no clear winner exists. Each consumer should choose based on their own priorities. Everyone agrees, however, that getting a washer machine as a factory second gives you the best value for the dollar.