Get more bang for your buck with factory second white goods

Perhaps your washing machine suddenly conked out one day, or the pandemic lockdown has prompted you to finally take a hard look at your barely working appliances. Should you have them repaired or replaced? As they say, if the cost of repair is more than half the cost of a new one, then you’re better off replacing them.

White goods can be easily found in Brisbane, but shopping for a new fridge or an oven can be stressful and time-consuming. This is no more true than when you really need to make a major appliance purchase but are faced with a tight budget.

One smart solution is to buy top-of-the-range factory seconds. Factory seconds appeal not only to families on a budget but also to individuals looking to score great deals without breaking their bank.  When you find the exact model you want for a much lower price you are definitely winning!

What are factory seconds?

Factory seconds are products that contain small manufacturing flaws. The imperfections can be a blemish, a scratch or a dent, which is often missed by unkeen eyes.

Factory seconds are also old stocks or models of appliances, returned items or products whose packaging is damaged or torn so they can’t be sold at their original price.

Pros of buying factory seconds

Although factory seconds are flawed, this does not affect their function at all. Whether you are buying a freezer or a clothes dryer, you can be assured that it will be in top working condition.

Most items sold at a factory seconds store are top name brands, so you are guaranteed high-quality products that last long.

Imperfections aside, factory seconds are considered brand new because they have never been used. Sold at vastly reduced prices – even up to 60% off their retail prices – they come with a full manufacturer’s warranty as well.

We sell a range of factory second white goods

Planning to upgrade and update your household appliances? Whether you are a Brisbane newcomer or not, we are the perfect destination for you to shop white goods on the cheap and get huge savings.

Our diverse range of high-quality white goods at rock-bottom prices include side by side and top mount refrigerators, top load and front load washing machines, microwaves and freezers. We also carry ovens, clothes dryers, air conditioners and cooktops. All these have warranty coverage depending on the appliance grade.

Whatever specific requirements you have in mind, we can source them for you. Feel free to call our team or jump on the buyers list (se our home page) if there is anything you specifically want and we’ll source it for you fast.

With us, you don’t have to spend a fortune to furnish your home.