Choosing the Right Refrigerator for Your Space

A refrigerator is one of those necessary household appliance investments that you need to get right. Whether you are purchasing one for the first time or upgrading from an existing but old unit, there are plenty of fridges for sale in Brisbane. If you want to score a deal that best suits your specific requirements, you should know the different options available in the market.

New Fridges

Admit it, you want to furnish your space with every brand-new appliance you can get your hands on – complete with the latest technologies and features. Buying a big-ticket item such as a refrigerator is a major decision that can seriously impact your finances. New fridges come with a hefty price tag, depending on their brand, type, size, and features. The cost can run up to several thousands of dollars, particularly if you pick a smart model. However, a new fridge can last several years. Plus, you are guaranteed a full warranty.

Used Fridges

The used-appliance market is popular among average consumers who find brand-new refrigerators out of reach or those who prioritise savings over splurges, or maybe your solution just needs to be short-term. The biggest upside to buying a second-hand fridge is the price factor. This is because you can acquire a top-name brand at a vastly reduced price. In some instances, you may chance upon features that you couldn’t afford if they were new. While a pre-owned fridge saves you a significant amount of dollars, which is essential in these tight times, it may or may not be backed by a warranty. Besides, a used fridge generally has a shorter life expectancy compared to its brand-new counterparts.

Factory Second Fridges

Opting for a factory second refrigerator can be a smart move if you’re looking for a new model at a fraction of its retail price. Factory second fridges are sold at discounted prices simply because they have minor flaws. Some may have dents, scratches, and blemishes, while others have torn or damaged packaging. Although factory second refrigerators are flawed, they are still considered brand new because they are not pre-owned. They are in perfect working condition, too. Most refrigerators sold at a factory seconds store are top-of-the-line brands and come with a warranty depending on the grade. They are costlier than used fridges but cheaper than new ones.

Shop for Fridges for Sale in Brisbane

Whether you should splurge or save on a refrigerator greatly depends on your needs. If budget is a concern but you still want a new model, we have a range of factory seconds that offers good value for your money and backed with a manufacturers warranty. Visit our shop or call us today.