What are your options for fridges in Brisbane?

When you need to replace a household appliance like your fridge it can be a time-consuming job figuring out the best brand to select and what sort of configuration will suit.  These days it’s not as simple as just choosing the same whitegoods model you purchased 10 years ago as they don’t always have the same manufacturing happening.  Refrigerator quality and features can change a lot over time.  Whether you are upgrading or replacing your fridge there are certainly a lot of options to consider when looking at fridges for sale in Brisbane.

You could jump on Gumtree and hunt down a bargain seconds hand fridge in Brisbane.  In this case look for something local as delivery and installation might be problematic unless you own or know someone with a suitable truck or ute for transporting your fridge. And you will need someone to lift the fridge and unload it too! They are one of the most heavy and difficult to move appliances to own.    Keep in mind buying a fridge for sale on Gumtree isn’t likely to come with any kind of manufacturers warranty.  So while you might be lucky and find a great deal there’s also the risk the great deal won’t be so great.  But I guess that’s why the price might be a lot less than a new fridge.

And that leads us to another option – buying a new fridge.  You’ll need to invest a decent amount of your savings into purchasing this new fridge.  If you time it right you can buying during sale times like the end of financial year of end of year near Christmas.  In this case you are going to be limited (or not) by your budget – fridges for sale can get quite expensive, especially the latest models with all the new smart digital features.  But, if you are here reading this on a factory seconds website then it’s more likely you are looking for a much smarter option.  And that is the fridge seconds option sometimes called scratch and dent.

Factory seconds fridges present real savings for smart and savvy consumers who know there is very little difference apart from minor superficial things that don’t affect the function of the fridge and often are not even noticeable when your fridge is installed. The good news with this option is that you pay less for the same model you might have been considering new and you also get to enjoy the full manufacturers warranty which is based on the grade of the appliance.  Ask about this when you call to enquire.

When considering all of these options, whether you are thinking long term or short term, and what your budget is, one option will suit you most and you will know it.  Hopefully we’ve convinced you to give the humble factory second consideration.  Whatever model you need we can generally source it for you.