How to Choose an Oven

Buying an oven involves more than simply going to the appliance store and picking a colour that matches your kitchen. The ever increasing popularity of cooking shows has created a kitchen savvy market that aspires to bringing the gourmet experience to the home kitchen. Today’s ovens offer more styles and features than ever before to help skilled amateurs cook to their full potential.

What the Professionals Look for in an Oven

Professional chefs consider the kitchen environment and their own needs as a cook when looking for an oven. First, the oven buyer must make the most basic selection, choosing whether they need, or want, a gas or electric oven. Another important basic that too many overlook lies in the space requirements for the oven, particularly if it is a replacement.

Next, professionals and amateurs alike should consider the choices at their disposal, including:

  • Conventional ovens that simply use radiated heat
  • Convection ovens that use a fan to evenly disperse heat in the oven, leading to more even cooking and faster times
  • Specialised steam ovens and conveyor ovens are designed to cook very specific types of food. Some ovens combine convection and steam features
  • Try to avoid using a microwave oven at all costs when aspiring to cook excellent food

Once you choose the basic type of oven you want, think about other features that can make the job of cooking easier and more effective.

What Else to Consider

Make sure to research the different types of features available that make cooking easier. Some newer models of ovens feature an expanded glass door, giving you a better view of what has transpired inside your oven without opening it and releasing heat.

Another feature used in times past, but regaining popularity is the dual oven. These enjoyed great popularity in the 50’s and 60’s when wives and mothers had all day to prepare feasts for husbands and children. Society has changed somewhat since then, but today’s marketplace has still appreciates the joy of cooking large scale meals for family and friends. Dual ovens allow you to cook multiple dishes without worrying about the need for different temperatures, times, and rack positions.

We Are Ready to Help

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