Choosing the Right Washing Machine for You 

Deciding which washing machine will suit your needs can be a daunting task. There are so many models and a seemingly endless selection of fancy wash cycles and machine features to consider. Based on feedback from our customers we’ve put together some tips to make the machine selection process much easier.

Choosing a washing machine: what to consider

Where do you start when you’re choosing a machine? Whether you’re a single person or struggling to wash large loads for a big family, here are a few factors to consider when you’re shopping for that perfect washing machine.

Top or front loading

Top loaders are cheaper and faster than front loaders, and you can add or remove items mid-cycle. However, they use more water and laundry detergent than front loaders, which makes them harder on clothes.

Front loaders are kinder to clothes than top loaders, and they fit more easily into small spaces, such as below countertops. On the other hand, front loaders are heavier and noisier than top loaders, and only some models allow you to stop mid-cycle to add or remove items of clothing (or valuables!).

Available space

This is a big one. Decide where you’re putting the machine and work from there. Where the machine goes determines the space you need around it to move safely, open the doors, and load/unload laundry.

Machine capacity

Domestic washing machines take loads from around 5 KG to 18 KG+. Many of us, even large families, stick with loads of 5 KG or less, so high capacity machines aren’t always the right choice.  You may find something around 7.5kg means fewer loads each week saving on time, energy and water.

Cycle time

Top loaders often complete cycles faster than front loaders, but front loaders typically extract more water from the load which shortens the drying time.

Energy consumption

As a general rule, the more stars on a machine’s label, the greater its energy efficiency. This may help you choose between two otherwise similar models. If you are after an eco-friendly washing machine with low water use per wash and low energy consumption, look for models with the most stars.


Front loaders often have faster – and louder – spin cycles than top loaders. If you’re placing the machine close to a study or lounge, you might want a quieter model.


Models with child-lock functions that stop kids opening the machine mid-cycle are a great choice for families with small and curious children.

Questions to ask yourself

When you go shopping for the perfect washing machine and compare the models out there, here are some questions to ask yourself.

  • Are the controls user-friendly?
  • Is the labelling clear?
  • Does it offer the features I need?
  • If I opt for a high-end model, will I actually use all its features?
  • Is the door or lid easy to use?
  • Is the load capacity enough?
  • Is it convenient to load and unload?

Choosing the right washing machine doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Once you’re ready to get started, contact us, and we’ll find you a great machine at the right price.