The Benefits of Buying Factory Seconds for a Retiree Lifestyle

One of the perks of being a retiree is the luxury of time. You can take your time doing the things you enjoy, and plan for trips and meet-ups with friends and family. Retirement is certainly a time when you can’t be bothered by the littlest of things – after all, you’ve worked hard to deserve this ‘me’ time.

So if any inconveniences arise, such as, say, your fridge breaking down, we don’t want you to feel like you’re going to need to do any heavy lifting. In fact, we can even help you save your super for that island getaway you’ve been planning for months.

How? Well, you may want to look into shopping for factory seconds.

What are factory seconds?

Factory seconds are appliances (or furniture) which, because of minor or negligible cosmetic flaws, cannot be sold as brand new, such as a fridge with a minor dent. Most of them may be technically brand new because they have never been used before!

Other items which fall into the factory seconds category are products which may have already been unboxed and then returned within the return window. There are also factory seconds which may have served as display pieces or floor stock in showrooms. Some only have significant packaging damage, or could be overstocked models.  Factory seconds are graded depending on these aspects.

However, whatever type of factory seconds item you purchase, it will be in perfect working condition. Manufacturers only make them available for sale to discerning, budget-conscious customers.  These items also come with the full manufacturers warranty.

Save money

Whether it’s a washer that needs replacing or a fridge upgrade that you want, there are excellent choices to be had with factory seconds. And apart from electrical appliances, you can also get excellent factory seconds bargains on furniture (although we stick to selling white goods currently).

With factory seconds, you can certainly get more bang for your buck. Buying a factory second appliance save you a few hundred dollars in some cases. Going for a factory seconds option means you can get a fully functional appliance you want at a price way below your budget, or a more expensive model within your budget. It’s all up to you!

What’s more, most factory seconds items come with the same warranties as items sold as brand new. So in the event of something going wrong (which is unlikely) while the warranty is active, you can get your appliance fixed in authorised centres free of cost (and we are actually an authorised repair centre for Electrolux Australia).

Worry-free shopping

On top of your factory seconds shopping savings, we offer value-added services as well.

We’ll be asking you a set of questions while you shop to ensure the item you buy will suit your home, and fit into the space allocated for it.

Moreover, if you don’t a car to get around, or a ute and tray-back to take your home appliance with you, you can have your white goods delivered and installed by our friendly staff. This way, you don’t need to depend on your kids or neighbours to do all that for you.

With factory seconds, you can definitely stretch your hard-earned savings further for that dream vacation.