Making the Switch to a Steam Oven

What is a Steam Oven?

The newest craze in healthy cooking would have to be the not so humble steam oven.  But what is a steam oven?  Well,  it’s just that – an oven that cooks with steam.  Some use steam entirely whilst others work in combination with the usual convection style of cooking.  There are also ovens that are ‘steam assisted’ but are actually still a normal convection oven.

How do you use a steam oven?

You can do almost all of the usual cooking you would normally use your oven for including baking, roasting and grilling.  The controls are fairly similar and they still use electric power.  If you use the steam only functions or ovens then you’re not going to get the brown colour you’d normally expect when using traditional ovens.

Why use a steam oven instead of a normal oven?

For your health!  You won’t be needing to use oils or fats and whatever you cook the food will retain it’s moisture.  This is great for all kinds of food from roast chicken to tasty desserts and baked bread.  A steam oven also helps retain vitamins, minerals and nutrients in foods for healthier cooking.  The other benefit not often mentioned is the lack of cross contamination with cooking flavours – for example you can cook fish next to other foods without transfer of flavour.  Steam ovens are known to cook more evenly than traditional convection ovens.

Are steam oven’s expensive?

Yes.  They are a lot more expensive than your typical oven.  But … luckily you are on the Brisbane Factory Seconds website which means you’re likely to grab a bargain and buy at less than usual retail prices.

If you still need convincing, take a look at what Adam Liaw has to say about the Asko steam ovens in the video below.  Head over to our page for ovens where you’ll no doubt find a factory seconds steam oven at a bargain price.  We stock the Electrolux brands so you’re most likely to find the Westinghouse steam ovens in our store.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for you can always call us.