My Appliance Broke Down! Help!!!

It never happens at a convenient time (if such a time exists.)

When a major appliance, such as a refrigerator, oven, or washer, breaks down, it always seems to occur in a bad spot.

Maybe relatives have come down to visit for a few days.

Perhaps your family is hosting Christmas this year.

Or maybe a vital piece of household equipment fails right before you plan to leave on a trip.

At times like these, you forget all about the convenience it offers the rest of the time. You just want your appliance to work again.

The Frustration

Broken appliances cause both hassle and havoc. When you lose a refrigerator, you must figure out what to do to keep food from spoiling. A malfunctioning stove and oven can limit your cooking options to microwaves and outdoor barbeques.

Worst of all, a broken washer and/or dryer will leave you gathering your clothes for laundromat runs that take hours from your day.

You need help right now to restore your home’s function and sanity.

The Question

Shortly after the feelings of frustration settle in comes the question. Repair or replace that appliance?

Most consider repairing an appliance before replacement. They assume that fixing the equipment will cost less than buying a brand new one. Choosing to repair comes with risks, however. In an older appliance, you could spend money to repair one part, only to see another part of it break down soon after.

Repair costs can also add up. The cost of parts, labour, and other issues can rise quickly.

In most cases, replacing an appliance with a brand new model will cost more initially. That price also pays for peace of mind, with less worry about another breakdown in the near future.

Your unfortunate appliance breakdown will thus leave you in a quandary. How do you get the function that you need for the lowest possible price?

(Of course, going without the appliance entirely will cost the least, but we assume you do not wish to go that route.)

The Solution

Call us today for solutions. Our team serves as this area’s appliance experts and can advise on the best decision to make.

We can repair your old appliance or connect you with a factory second. Factory seconds function just as well as showroom models but may have a small scratch here or a nearly unnoticeable dent there. They always cost less than similar premium models and sometimes can even beat the cost of repair.

If your appliance has caused frustration, leading to questions, let our friendly experts help you with the solution today and get your household back on track.