Benefits of Choosing a Factory Seconds Dryer

Winter is coming and some of us just need to get our clothes dry faster without using the clothesline. A dependable dryer is a great way to achieve this.  Fluffy towels and toasty warm clothes in the morning are an added bonus!

When you are ready to purchase a clothes dryer you should know there’s no need to buy new because choosing a factory seconds dryer can get the same job done without breaking the bank.

What Are Factory Seconds?

Whitegoods factory seconds are products that were unboxed before a sale or found to have physical imperfections like scratches and dents. A majority of factory seconds were display room pieces, with some being product returns within a few days of purchase.

Factory seconds are in seamless working condition despite their physical imperfections or return status. Whitegoods are thoroughly examined by technicians to ensure they are in working order before being made available to consumers.  They are also professionally graded to set criteria.

Why Purchase a Factory Seconds Dryer?

Whitegoods dryers are a convenient and smart purchase for several reasons.

1. Overall value

Factory seconds dryers come complete with the same technology, features, and designs as their standard counterparts at significantly reduced prices. So why are they so cheap, then? A small nick or scratch in the paint, or a visible dent in the exterior are among the reasons a dryer is classified as a factory second. These imperfections do not affect the performance of the dryer.  In many cases they are not visible when in use either.

2. Factory warranty

In most cases, whitegoods dryers come with the same factory warranty as standard dryers. Some retailers also offer an additional guarantee above and beyond the factory warranty on these appliances. Factory seconds are covered by the Australian Consumer Law, so consumers can buy them with confidence.

3. Selection

Just because it is labelled factory seconds does not mean the selection is limited. Brisbane Factory Seconds (Qld Appliance Spares & Repairs) will check to see options for the dryer model of your choice when requested. We can source exactly what you want as a factory second.  Our Electrolux and Simpson models are a high-end quality dryers so it is possible to get a great name brand product at a deep discount.  Our store specialises in Electrolux factory seconds.

4. Convenience

Just like with standard household appliances, it’s possible to shop for dryers online from the convenience of your home. Ordering a clothes dryer also does not mean you will be stuck with hauling it to your home and hooking it up yourself. The same delivery and installation services apply to factory second dryers as their standard counterparts.