Why Are Standalone Freezers Rarer Than Hens’ Teeth?

When the World Health Organisation declared a pandemic and people began to understand the implications, a certain amount of panic set in. Australians flocked to the supermarket to buy provisions, stripping the shelves of some essentials. However, they needed somewhere to store those perishables and stripped all the standalone freezers as well. So, unless you were quick off the mark, you would have been disappointed as warehouse stocks ran out at the same time as production lines ground to a halt.

Demand Over Supply

Unfortunately, this “perfect storm” scenario created a significant backlog of orders and a clear case of demand that was greater than supply. In fact, it is still difficult to find a standalone freezer, even though people have long since stopped panic buying and production has restarted.

This scarcity has made it very difficult for those with a malfunctioning freezer, who may want a replacement. It’s equally painful for those who are moving into a new home and want to equip their new property with a freezer as they are also finding it hard to find a factory second from any other source.

Upgrading Your Fridge Freezer

There are alternatives, though. If you have been scratching your head and unable to find another standalone freezer for your home, why not think about buying a much larger fridge/freezer combo? Look at the space available in your home and decide whether you can put a larger fridge freezer in your kitchen and forget about the standalone freezer altogether. Maybe you can move your washing machine into the space that would have been occupied by a freezer in the garage or utility room. If you do, you may have enough room in your large-capacity freezer for your household needs and will upgrade the fridge at the same time.

Buyers Club

Alternatively, you can join our Buyers Club and get on our priority list. We are in constant touch with the manufacturers and distributors. We will then notify you just as soon as a standalone freezer is available. We can then make arrangements to get the freezer to your home, while others may be stuck on the phone with their suppliers. But hurry – these freezers are sure to go quickly as there is still great demand and especially in these uncertain times.

Making the Call

Get in touch with us right away, and we will add you to our priority Buyers Club list.