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Save Cash and the Environment: How to Get the Best Deals on Whitegoods

Shopping for new appliances can be a daunting task. Trying to stick to a budget while choosing environmentally friendly options further complicates matters.

Whitegoods are among the biggest household expenses for consumers. Just over half of Australian households have whitegoods, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The most common whitegoods appliance were refrigerators at 99.9 per cent. Washing machines came in at a close second at 97.8 per cent, and air conditioners ranked third at 74 per cent.

There are several places in Brisbane to find quality whitegoods. Consumers in the market for them may want to follow these four tips for finding the best deals.

1. Visit whitegoods factory outlets

When purchased from a whitegoods factory outlet, consumers can save loads of cash on refrigerators, washers and dryers, and cooking ranges and ovens. Whitegoods factories offer products at reduced prices because they do not have the same overhead as department stores. They are an excellent option for savings.

2. Check out online auctions

Grays Online and eBay are great places to place your bids on whitegoods. There is an amazing selection on both platforms, and they sell like hotcakes. Consumers can find brand-new, factory seconds, and used whitegoods on these sites. There is something for every budget.  However, this option doesn’t include installation or advice on appliance models and you may not get the full factory warranty.

3. Buy factory seconds

Factory seconds are a great way to save big on whitegoods. Found to have physical imperfections like dents or scratches when unboxed before sale, factory seconds come with steep discounts. A majority of factory seconds were returned within a few days of purchase or used as display room pieces. Despite their cosmetic flaws, factory seconds are in seamless working condition. Many come with a similar factory warranty.

4. Shop online

Online appliance retailers are not burdened with the same overhead expenses as shopping centres and stores, allowing them to offer whitegoods at cheaper prices. One of the most advertised online whitegoods retailers in Australia is Appliances Online, which ships nationwide. Consumers who live in or near a capital city can have their products shipped for free.  The downside to this is that you’re not able to physically view the item before your purchase.  We believe it’s important to see your appliance before you buy which is why our factory seconds are available for viewing in our warehouse location in Brisbane.

5. Look for matching deals

Most of the big-name retailers will match competitor pricing, so take the time to shop around before you buy and do not be shy about asking for a deal.  If we know exactly what you’re looking for we can source the exact model you want as a factory second.  That includes new models of all Electrolux household electrical appliances.

6. Consider buying rentals

Buying rentals at steep discounts is another great way to save on whitegoods. RentaCentre is one place consumers can find clearance prices on former rentals. However, unlike factory seconds, ex-rentals may have damage from normal wear and tear.

Whether consumers opt to buy online or check out factory seconds, there are plenty of ways to save big on whitegoods.