As Brisbane Enters the Rainy Season, How Are You Going to Dry Those Clothes?

Well we all know this is about whitegoods.  They need to be up to speed in your household if you want to make life easy.  Factory seconds provide low cost answers to these questions. Particularly if your family is always active and on the move, they may go through a change of clothes every day. For example if one adult is working on a construction site and coming home covered in dirt, while the children play sports and come home covered in mud. Now let’s add toddlers into the mix! Toddlers being toddlers, they soil their clothes without any warning.  So all in all you’ll certainly spend a lot of time in the family laundry room. However, you still need to dry those clothes after they come out of the machine, and this is not so easy when space is often limited and the weather isn’t always accommodating during the summer rain months. As Brisbane enters its rainy season, dry days may be few and far between and in this case, you need a better alternative.

Seeking household efficiency

While a combination of sun and wind may be good at evaporating and dispersing water when you hang your clothes out to dry, it may be in short supply at this time of year. You need to turn to a far more efficient solution and get a dedicated tumble dryer instead from a company that specialises in Brisbane household appliances. Certainly, a modern washing machine can get rid of a lot of the water through a high-speed centrifuge, but those clothes will still be wet when you pull them out of the tub.

Indoor options

Some people will choose to hang their clothes on an indoor “clothes horse” or another clothes rack, and while this will eventually work, it’ll take a great deal of time. You don’t have that time to spare, and especially as someone is heading to soccer practice, somebody else is heading to the construction site and, well, your baby is behaving like your baby.  Nappies need to be dried and lets face it there are often a lot of them.  Even if you opt for disposable nappies there’s still the nursing towels and changes of clothes to deal with.  Let’s make life easy.

Dryers at work

Tumble dryers work very efficiently by blowing hot air from one side of a rotating drum to the other. As the drum turns, the wet clothes fall through the hot and dry air, and this evaporates the moisture, which is then withdrawn through an exhaust fan on the other side of the machine.

Time for action

If you live in an apartment or smaller home, you may not have space to hang a lot of wet clothes, and if you’re older, you won’t have the energy to carry those heavy baskets around either. Seeing as the forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology is for even more rain, you’ll want to look for Brisbane dryers as soon as possible. If money is tight, you may be able to buy some factory seconds instead of a brand-new model, but you’ll want to do something to save your sanity!