Simpson Washing Machines – Keeping Wash Clean for More Than a Century

Quality, durability, and reliability are three words that come to mind when talking about Simpson washing machines. For more than 150 years, Australians have relied on Simpson to keep their clothes fresh and clean. It is hardly a surprise considering the brand specialises in washing and drying, offering a top-notch line of both front and top-loading washing machines.

Front Load Washing Machines

Simpson offers two front load washing machines from its EZI Set line, an 8 kg model and a 7 kg version. Both are designed to take the fuss out of doing the wash so you can attend to the more important things in life. Everyone needs fresh, clean clothes, an easy task to accomplish with either of these machines.

Both come with a 1200 rpm spin speed and durable inverter motor. Key features include:

  • Daily 60 program designed to thoroughly wash larger loads – up to 4 kg – in an hour
  • Quick wash option with auto water level sensing technology
  • Pause and add button to toss in those last-minute or missed items

One of the coolest features is the delay end option that allows you to select when the wash finishes. This helps prevent wrinkles and cuts down on the amount of ironing your freshly-laundered clothes require.

Top Load Washing Machines

Not keen on the front load technology? That’s OK! Simpson makes an EZI top load washer model. It ranges in capacity from 6 kg to 12 kg and comes with 4 energy star and 3.5 WELS ratings. These top loaders are made to take the abuse that comes with frequent use. The glass lids are scratch-resistant and easily wiped clean. Key features include:

  • Easy-use control panel
  • Quick-wash setting for small loads
  • Time-adjust function to increase or reduce wash time

Like the front loaders, the top loaders also come equipped with the delay end option. Simpson’s top loaders are more affordable for those looking to get the most bang for their buck (and clean laundry, too).

Loaded with Features

While Simpson’s motto is “Quality Kept Simple,” customers will be pleased with the level of features available from this superior company. Whether front-loading or top-loading, these machines are made to last.

Simpson puts the easy in its EZI Set controls, making it simple to get great results with just the touch of a button. Both top and front loaders are designed to be gentle on clothes while getting them super clean. The gentle drum boasts thousands of holes to allow increased water flow and detergent to dissolve quicker. The high-spin function reduces dry time, keeping fabrics in tip-top shape for years to come.

Ready to explore a Simpson washer or dryer? Stop in today to check out our selection of factory seconds to save even more on this quality brand name.