The joy that comes from a fridge upgrade

It’s funny how we rely so much on our household appliances but don’t really pay much attention if they are doing the job OK.  As soon as you have to deal with a broken fridge for example and start to consider a replacement or repair,  you actually notice your fridge features.  Next you will be noticing fridges everywhere – at a friend’s place, at your sister, brother or parents’ home. This means you’re also becoming sensitive to fridge configuration and storage size in litres!  Who knew fridges could be so interesting all of a sudden.

If you haven’t recently replaced or upgraded your fridge then let us enlighten you to the joys of a fridge upgrade that you are going to experience.

New models are more energy efficient

You can choose a configuration that suits your lifestyle

The wall thickness on modern fridges is smaller so there’s more storage inside for less physical space

The shelves are often clear plastic now vs the old solid white so you can see more

The lighting is better so you can see more

Suddenly food is more interesting because you can see it

Leftovers are used up because you can see them

Do we have you convinced yet?

With many factory seconds in stock in Brisbane you are welcome to pop into our showroom to view the current availability or call or drop us a quick email.