4 reasons to choose factory seconds white goods

Are you in the market for a new washing machine or fridge in Brisbane on a budget? Perhaps you’re a flood victim and didn’t have your previous appliance insured, or maybe you’re a student looking for a cheap installation. Purchasing a factory second-hand appliance may be the way to go. These appliances aren’t second-hand in the usual sense, but instead have minor dents or scratches that prevent them from looking brand new.

At our store, we have a wide range of factory seconds fridges for sale Brisbane residents can trust. There are several reasons why you should consider factory seconds white goods In this blog, we outline four of these reasons.

Browse a larger range

When you purchase factory seconds, you get to choose from a larger range of brands and models when compared to what’s on offer in mainstream retail stores. This is because stores that sell factory seconds aren’t concerned with selling only the latest makes and models, but also those from previous years that have minor defects and never made it out of the factory. Browsing from a larger range means it becomes easier to find the right second-hand appliance to suit your needs and requirements.

Environmentally friendly

Buying factory second white goods allows you to actively reduce your impact on the environment. Without purchase, these goods are likely to end up in a landfill somewhere, thereby contributing to land waste and preventing the materials from being used in the production of another model.

Money savings

Purchasing a second-hand appliance is a lot cheaper than buying a completely brand new one. It’s often easy to find a factory second that’s significantly less than the cost of a new washing machine or fridge. This means you’re benefitting from an appliance that does the required job at a lower price. You can also save on shipping costs as many buyers choose to purchase factory seconds from a local store.

They’re only relatively used

Factory seconds are only used in the relative sense. That is, their outward appearance is suggestive of some wear and tear due to certain defects. The appliance has not actually been used in most cases.  Factory second white goods operate just as efficiently as any other brand new store-bought appliance. Superficial and cosmetic defects are only minor and don’t affect the appliance’s ability to function safely at all.

They come with a manufacturers warranty

Normal manufacturer’s warranty applies for factory second appliances based on independent grade allocation.

Are you looking for white goods Brisbane residents can rely on? Browse our range today. We have a wide range of washing machines for sale Brisbane residents can benefit from, all at a discounted price.