Fridges and Entertaining at Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s time to get organised. From buying presents and cooking food to large family parties, the holiday period is much more fun when you’re prepared. If you love entertaining friends and family in the December heat of Brisbane, you need a fridge that’s up to the challenge. Christmas is the perfect time to invest in a new refrigerator and make the holidays something to remember.

With a new fridge by your side, you can expect the following benefits:

Get more space for family meals

At the end of the day, Christmas is all about family. Whether it’s just you and your partner, a small tribe of kids, or distant relatives from across the sea, feeding your family over the holidays is much more fun with the right gear. Upgrading your fridge to a larger model is a great way to expand your cooling and freezing space, which is sure to make everyone happy. Big family meals are much easier to prepare with a large fridge, and you’ve always got somewhere to put the leftovers.

Keep your kids happy

The Aussie Christmas period is surrounded by school holidays, and your kids probably have lots of time on their hands. Whether you have young toddlers or lanky teenagers, food is the best way to keep children happy. Buying a new fridge makes it easier to keep their favourite snacks at hand, from soft drinks and chocolates to fresh fruits and vegetables. When kids have everything they need in front of them, they’re also more likely to prepare their own food and leave you alone to relax.

Become the perfect entertainer

If you love entertaining over Christmas, you need the right fridge for the job. Whether you’re catching up with work colleagues, hosting a party for your kid’s mates, or inviting your relatives over on Boxing Day, you need a large, accessible space to store all of your food. Preparing, cooking, and serving Christmas meals for family and friends can be heaven or hell, and the difference often comes down to your equipment.

Get a bonus beer fridge

Brisbane is famous for its love of beer, and Christmas is the perfect time for a cold one. When you purchase a brand new fridge for your kitchen, you have the perfect excuse to fill your current fridge with beer. Standard half-size bar fridges aren’t enough over the holidays, with Christmas events deserving a full-size fridge. Along with beers and other beverages, you can use your old fridge to store meats, cheeses, and frozen goods.

Lower your electricity bills

Christmas can be an expensive time, and it’s important to save as much money as you can. While the cost of a new fridge can be significant, you’re likely to save money over time. Modern fridges are much more energy efficient than older models, and this can have a huge impact on your electricity bills. Turning your old fridge into a dedicated beer fridge can also help you save, as you’re less likely to open the door on your main fridge and let the cold air escape.

If you want to buy a new fridge this Christmas, we are here to help. Along with sales, we also provide a trusted repair business for fridges and other household appliances. If you’re looking for appliance repairs, washing machine repairs, oven repairs, or fridge repairs in Brisbane, we are waiting for your call. Please review our great stock or contact our team to learn more.