How to Choose the Perfect Fridge for Your Home

Purchasing a major appliance is a big move — and fridges are no exception. The good news is that having a game plan can make it much easier.

So what should you focus on? Stick to the basics. Here’s why sizes, features, styles, and configurations are surefire criteria for a more rewarding fridge purchase.

Know Your Space — Inside and Out

Everyone knows you need to measure your kitchen thoroughly before any upgrade. Whilst you need to make sure the new fridge actually fits the space you have, the fridge’s exterior size isn’t the only thing to worry about.

Specific fridge models use their interior space in different ways. Some come with basic shelves, but others feature more complex organisers, racks, and tray systems. Two fridges with the same total volume might deliver completely different experiences based on their interior layouts.

Think about not only the overall size but also your usage habits. Here are some smart questions to consider:

  • Do you typically refrigerate large, bulky items, like cooking pans that take up a lot of space?
  • Do you have a big family who all have different dietary needs and prefer their own little zones?
  • Will your chosen model be comfortable and safe for your children or elderly relatives with limited mobility?

Go for Functional Features, Not Just Looks

Style is a huge part of designing a great kitchen, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of functionality.

Door style is a great example. Some people prefer the clean, unbroken surfaces of single-door designs for aesthetic reasons. But these models aren’t as space-effective in smaller kitchens, where double doors are easier to manoeuvre around.

Don’t forget about convenience. If you use your freezer just as much as the fridge, then a side-by-side model might be way less hassle.

The nice thing about fridges is that most can accommodate a range of exterior finishes to match your other appliances. In other words, colour should be the last item on your checklist. Your priorities are the essentials, like icemakers, produce compartments, warranty coverage, and defrosting functions.

Configurable Fridges Make Happier Kitchens!

Your needs and routine will evolve, especially if you’ve got a growing family. If your fridge can’t keep up, it’ll become a time-wasting burden.

The key is to pick something that can adapt with minimal fuss. Whether this means features like shelving you can rearrange and clean easily or programmable settings, you should always choose a new fridge that simplifies your life as much as possible.

Want to learn more or get help? Chat with one of our white goods experts about upgrading your kitchen.