Whitegoods Brisbane

From fridges and freezers in the kitchen to washers and dryers in the laundry, whitegoods are central to every household. They’re an essential part of modern life, but they can also be very expensive. If you’re looking for an affordable alternative that doesn’t compromise on quality, factory seconds are a fantastic option.

We supply a wide array of whitegoods in Brisbane, so you’ll always find exactly what you need. Our prices are up to 60% lower than retail, and we provide a manufacturer’s warranty for your complete peace of mind.

What are factory seconds?

Factory seconds, or simply seconds, are retail items sold to the public at a reduced rate. Prices are normally reduced due to minor faults. In most situations, these faults are cosmetic in nature, such as scratches and dents. Factory seconds cover a wide range of retail products, including whitegoods and other household appliances.

Whitegoods are the ideal candidate for seconds, as they’re functionally perfect and greatly reduced in price. While the amount and type of damage varies between products, they normally feature slight aesthetic imperfections. These items adhere to the same safety and environmental standards as typical retail products, so you can be assured of a fully functional unit.

Benefits of factory seconds

If you’re in the market for whitegoods, you can save money by shopping direct at our factory outlet. We sell merchandise directly to the public at a greatly reduced price. Our products come straight from the manufacturers, so you get authentic brands and proven quality with every purchase. Whether you’re looking for a split fridge, a dedicated freezer, or an upgrade for your laundry, factory seconds are the smart choice.

Factory seconds offer the following benefits:

Huge product range

When you shop for factory seconds, you have access to a wide range of products. Dedicated factory outlets have relationships with multiple manufacturers, and they keep a huge variety of items in stock. We have whitegoods made by the brands you know and love.

Low ticket prices

Household appliances are a significant investment, especially when you need to buy several items at once. Our seconds are a fantastic option, with up to 60% off with every sale. If you want reduced ticket prices due to minor imperfections, you’ve come to the right place.  You don’t need to buy old whitegoods models because you can still get the latest models as factory seconds.

Warranties and inclusions

Factory seconds offer all the safeguards of standard whitegoods. You get all the consumer protections and inclusions that you’re used to, including manufacturer’s warranties and reliable delivery services.

If you’re looking for quality factory seconds at low prices, we are here to help. Contact our team to learn more about our whitegoods.