Scratch and Dent Appliances in Brisbane

Are you looking for new household appliances without the high prices? When you buy scratch and dent whitegoods, you can furnish your entire home at a heavily discounted price. From new model fridges and freezers to advanced washing machines and dryers, these products are the smart and budget-friendly choice.

We supply a wide array of scratch and dent whitegoods from our Brisbane warehouse, so what are you waiting for?

What are scratch and dent appliances?

Also known as factory seconds, scratch and dent products feature minor cosmetic imperfections. If you’re in the need for a brand new appliance but don’t want to pay full price, these items can be the perfect solution. There’s a huge variety of factory seconds available, including fridges, freezers, and laundry appliances.

There are many reasons why these products exist:

  • Manufacturing imperfections: Lots of factory seconds get minor scratches and dents during the manufacturing process. Imperfections are always aesthetic and mostly superficial, depending on the grade of the specific item.
  • Transportation damage: Whitegoods can get damaged during transportation. Whether they happen between the factory and the warehouse, or when moving between retail stores, scratches and dents make items unsuitable for standard sale.
  • Returned items: Some factory seconds have no scratches or dents whatsoever. Instead, they have simply been returned to the point of purchase by the original buyer. These items can’t be sold new again, which means you can save big.
  • Display units: Similar to returned items, some whitegoods are used as display units and can’t be sold as new. In this situation, the unit is sold at a factory outlet for a seriously discounted price.

What about consumer protection?

If you’re worried about consumer protection, fear not. Our scratch and dent products are 100% fully functional, and sold with a manufacturer’s warranty. If you’re buying whitegoods direct from our Brisbane outlet, your product has an iron-clad warranty. Our whitegoods are sold under Australian Consumer Law, so you can make a purchase with complete peace of mind. While different warranty periods are available depending on the grade and type of product, you always get the protection that you deserve.

Buying whitegoods doesn’t have to be expensive when you deal with the scratch and dent experts. Contact our customer support team to learn more.