Top 3 Tips for Purchasing a New Household Appliance

Spring is just about here, and now is the time to make those renovations to your home that you’ve been wanting all winter. Whether you’re planning on upgrading that washing machine that’s gotten way too loud or change out that dryer that takes two cycles to dry anything, making an appliance change can be an extensive process. While purchasing a new household appliance might be simple, installing it and setting it up in your home can be a tedious process. Here are a few tips to make things easier:

1. Research the product

Before you buy any appliance, your goal should be to become a well-informed consumer. That means researching the product in an in-depth manner — and we don’t mean just reading the 10 most popular models from a major appliance website. We actively encourage you to find a model that uses as much energy as you’d like it to, comes with the best warranty options, and more. While what a machine claims to be able to do will always be quite a lot, the proof is in the pudding. Looking at product specifications and understanding them is the best way to avoid purchasing a product that won’t live up to your expectations.

2. Find a reliable servicer

Once you’ve found the appliance of your dreams, your next step is to figure out who’s going to install it for you. Sorting through independent contractors and appliance installers can be a difficult process, as everyone is going to claim to be the best and have the most experience. These days, relying on reviews and testimonials isn’t even reliable anymore, as contractors can hire ghostwriters to leave positive feedback for even the shadiest workers imaginable. We recommend ensuring that whatever work is done, there’s a contract involved that you feel good about, the worker is communicative and knowledgeable, and there’s a refund guarantee if the work is performed incorrectly. Most professionals have the confidence in their work to offer these things — if they don’t, there might be something shady afoot.

3. Prepare the space

Before any large appliance is installed in your home, make sure it’s ready once said appliance is delivered to your door. Measure doorways to know that the appliance will fit without scratching up your walls, and talk with the professional beforehand to ensure proper ventilation is available in the installation area. The last thing you want is to have a dryer delivered only to find it won’t work where you wanted it to.

To learn more about purchasing and installing a new appliance, feel free to contact us. Our team would love to answer any questions you might have about renovating your home, whether it’s how to take proper measurements or just more general questions about what kind of appliances you might need to replace. We hope to hear from you!